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Sunday, April 05, 2020
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How to Contribute to Disaster Relief



We are an all-volunteer organization that relies on donations in order to respond to disasters.  Without the help of your financial gift we would not exist.   Every penny of your donation directly help in victim assistance. 

Our Accountability 

Thank you for your compassionate willingness to offer the much needed assistance to disaster victims. When your gift arrives, we will be sure to use these funds as instructed.  It is our standing policy that all donated moneys go through the Cumberland Baptist Association—this is our accountability to you the donor.  When donating please designate your monies for: “Disaster Relief.”   Again, all funds given provide direct support for victim assistance, which include include transportation of equipment, vehicles, volunteers, and other materials to the relief site; purchasing supplies and other materials used in the response and to provide direct support to disaster victims. Funds given to General Disaster Relief go to the purchase and maintenance of equipment and preparation for the next disaster.  Since we are an all-volunteer organization no donations are used for salaries or other general administrative expenses. 

Cumberland Baptist Disaster Relief Gift Policy 

The following guidelines are intended to clarify how donations are to be used.  All donations will be part of a general fund to meet expenses related to responding to a disaster.  These expenses include but are not limited to:              

1.  Transportation of equipment or personnel to disaster site.  Transportation costs may include provision for recovering costs of vehicle purchase or rental, insurance, maintenance, tires, etc.

2.  Purchase of supplies, materials, or equipment needed during response

3.  Repair or replacement of equipment damaged during response 

4.  Purchase of supplies to replace those that were needed during response

5.  All unused monies will kept in the general fund and will roll-over to cover similar expenses for future disasters.

Please make all checks payable to: Cumberland Baptist Disaster Relief