Cumberland Baptist Association
Sunday, April 05, 2020
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CBA Block Party Trailer Usage Policies

1.  The Block Party Trailer may be used by member churches and missions of the Cumberland Baptist Association.
2.  The Block Party Trailer and equipment will be under the management of the CBA staff and the Association's Evangelism and Missions Team.
3.  The Block Party Trailer and equipment may be scheduled by any church or mission of the CBA on a "first come first serve" basis by contacting one of our association's staff or ministry assistant.
4.  The church or mission MUST have a current copy of proof of liability insurance with the association before picking up the trailer.  The church or mission MUST ask their insurance carrier to fax (931.358.9094) or mail the proof of insurance to the association (P.O. Box 3837, Clarksville, TN 37043).
5.  In order to use the Block Party Trailer and equipment, the church or mission MUST have two people who have received training provided by the association.  These persons will be directly responsible for overseeing the set up, usage, clean-up, and return of the trailer and equipment.
6.  The Block Party Trailer and equipment MUST be picked up and returned promptly and clean.
7.  The Block Party Trailer and equipment is NOT to be used as a "fund raiser."
8.  In order to provided maintainance and to replace worn out or dated equipment, a usage fee of $75.00 will be assessed.
9.  Fill out and return the Block Party Trailer Check Out Form.  This information is essential in discovering the effectiveness of the trailer and for providing information on any equippment needs.  This form can be downloaded from our website, click here for Check Out Form.  There are also copies of this form available inside the trailer.
10.  The Block Party Trailer is intended to be used as a unit.  Individual equipment usage is discouraged.